Industries Served

GCI has a large portfolio of industries served and proudly offers services in all 50 states and select international locations.

Feel free to download and read our Statement of Qualifications or see below a specific list of industry experience.

  • Acoustical & Thermal Insulation Manufacturing Facilities
  • Aluminum Producers
  • Auto & Truck Manufacturing
  • Boiler & Industrial Furnaces
  • Cement & Lime Kilns
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Coating Operations
  • Cogeneration Facilities
  • Crematory Facilities
  • Distillery Facilities
  • Ethanol Plants
  • Fiberglass Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Foundry Industry
  • Glass Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hazardous Waste Facilities
  • Iron & Steel Producers
  • Packaging Operations
  • Paving Operations
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
  • Power & Steam Generation
  • Printing Operations
  • Pulp & Paper Operations

Major Projects

Performance Testing

GCI entered into an agreement to perform 16 FGD scrubber performance tests for a major utility company in the South East. Each test program included the assessment of 7 emissions and performance guarantees including Sulfur Dioxide Removal Efficiency, Particulate Emissions, Gypsum Composition, FGD Purge Stream Consumption, Electrical Power Consumption, Limestone Consumption, and Forced Oxidation System Performance. Multiple inlets and outlets were sampled simultaneously by 11 GCI Crewmembers. Click the box below to read similar Performance Projects completed over the last five years.

Sorbent Injection Studies

GCI recently partnered with a large-scale, custom-engineering air pollution control systems company to perform testing required for Sorbent Injection Studies. Testing was performed at several large utilities in the Mid-West to measure the removal efficiency of acid gases and Hg using sorbents. GCI crew members performed USEPAMethods 1-4, 5/202, CTM-013, 26A, and 30B from multiple inlet and outlet locations simultaneously. GCI also provided a mobile laboratory and technicians for onsite recovery and analysis of the particulate, SO3, and speciated Hg samples.

Precision Flow©

Since its development, Precision Flow© test procedures and equipment have been used to measure flow in coal-fired power plant stacks with greater accuracy and precision resulting in significant SO2 and NOx credits savings.  GCI routinely performs flow RATAs with less than 2% RA if the previous RATA was performed with Precision Flow©; or with other electronic flow systems.  For a major Midwest Utility GCI adjusted CEMS curve settings utilizing Precision Flow© equipment on several coal-fired plants resulting in a savings of over $5 million annually with an expenditure of less than $200,000. This service is being provided for the nation’s leading power generation facilities.

Click here for more information on Precision Flow©

Performance Specification 11

GCI has partnered with some of the industry’s leading engineering firms and utilities to provide both single train and dual train systems to complete Performance Specification 11 stack testing and is currently scheduled to complete 14 over the next several months.

Particulate Monitor Location

GCI completed the testing necessary for the installation of particulate monitors for one of the Northeast’s largest utility providers. Four crews were organized to test multiple points simultaneously so that 16 test points were sampled in duplicate to determine the stratification. GCI was able to complete 32, 30 minute test runs per day on 6 stacks.  GCI’s laboratory technicians provided on-site recovery and analysis of the results.


Ohio • 510 Dickson Street, Wellington, OH 44090
North Carolina • 1855 Sipe Road, Conover, NC 28613
Indiana • 684 Tower Road, Plainfield, IN 46168


510 Dickson Street, Wellington, OH 44090
North Carolina
1855 Sipe Road, Conover, NC 28613
684 Tower Road, Plainfield, IN 46168




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